Natalie Suliman: M&S Cleavage Ad Model! (Photos)

May 29, 2009

Lingerie model Natalie Suliman is the mystery lady behind the sexy cleavage billboard ad promoting a new range of quality silk women undergarments by Marks & Spencer. The M&S ad has been making a lot of buzz off lately, thanks to Natalie’s 32E chest. See photos, video and a biography of Natalie Suliman here.

Natalie Suliman

Natalie Suliman

Natalie has overnight become the eye candy of the nation after huge billboards showing her cleavage and featuring the new green silk bra, were erected all over the place. Even she didn’t anticipate the scale of the campaign and was startled at the first sight.

‘I nearly crashed my car when I saw them for the first time,’ she told the Sun.
‘I was happily driving along with my music blasting when I suddenly saw a 20ft picture of my chest on the horizon.

It was shocking to see my boobs looking so huge, but I guess that’s not something I can complain about!’

The M&S cleavage ad, as it is now being referred to as, features a shot that was chosen amongst many. Thanks to Suliman’s gorgeous cleavage, the store has posted a rise of nearly 160% in profits from their women’s undergarment section.

‘The ad has caused quite a stir,’ said a spokesperson for M&S. Not only have we seen a real uplift in our bra sales, but we have also received hundreds of calls asking who the model is.’

Natalie Suliman Biography

As a biography, Natalie Suliman is 23 years old and is of Sudanese heritage. She is a model with Quintessentially models, the agency which also represents lingerie model Noemie Lenoir and Iman. While she had no intentions of becoming a model, Natalie chose the profession when she was discovered by a scout.

She has also worked in the campaigns for Littlewoods and Asos.

Now that Natalie has achieved quite an amount of attention, she dreams of going to America and be featured in the Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

‘But hopefully this time they will show my face!’

Check out a video of Noemie Lenoir M&S ad below.

Noemie Lenoir Video


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