Brian Belichick: Bill Belichick Son’s Arrested

May 29, 2009

Meet Brian Belichick, the son of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Brian Belichick was arrested on an underage drinking charge. Read more about the story plus photos and video below.

Bill Belichick

Bil Belichick’s son, Brian Belichick, arrested

Brian Belichick, who is 17 years old, was arrested on Monday, outside Gillette Stadium, where the NCAA Lacrosse championship was held.

Brian Belichick, along with another unidentified individual, was arrested at 3:45 PM Monday afternoon. He was holding a beer can and was charged with underage possession of alcohol.

Foxborough Policy Sergeant Allan Haskell said:

“We made a concerted effort to eliminate any underage drinking during the event. It was zero tolerance.”

Haskell also stated that the younger Belichick did not resist arrest and “was a perfect gentleman”.

Brian Belichick was released the same day and paid a $40 fee. He appeared in court on Tuesday and was told if he were to stay out of trouble for the next six months, his case would be dropped. He will be required to attend a program that outlines the consequences of drinking and risky behavior.

You can see a photo of Brian here. Watch a video below of Bill Belichick and his love for Lacrosse.

Bill Belichick Lacrosse Video

Photos: Nelson

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