Alison Bartosik Is a Former Synchronized Swimmer

May 28, 2009

Meet Alison Bartosik. She is a former synchronized swimmer and now the assistant coach at Stanford. Read Alison Bartosik’s biography below and see video after the jump.

Check out Alison Bartosik. She is a synchronized swimmer turned assistant coach at Stanford. She will be coaching several students who will compete at the World Synchronized Swimming Championships in Rome. Find out more on Alison Bartosik below.

Alison Bartosik Biography

As a biography, Alison Bartosik was born on April 20, 1983 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Standing at 5’8″, 141 pounds, Bartosik attended Santa Clara University where she graduated with a degree in Finance.

In 2003, Alison competed at the Pan American Games, taking home a silver medal. In 2004 she made it to the Summer Olympic Games in Athens, winning herself a bronze medal in both the duet and team categories. In the same year, Bartosik scored a silver medal at the 2004 World Grand Prix in Japan. Bartosik retired from synchronized swimming with 27 national titles and 11 international crowns.

She has since gone on to become the assisstant coach at Stanford University.

Alison Bartosik Video
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