Angela Nazario is Larry Fitzgerald’s Baby Mama! (Photos)

October 26, 2007

**Updated photo thanks to one of our readers below**

What’s the deal with those Arizona Cardinals players? TMZ is reporting that Angela Nazario (I can’t find anymore photos of her except the one above), is claiming that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. is her unborn baby’s daddy!! See a biography of Angela here!

All that is known about Angela is that she is a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader, is 37 years old, and lives in Flagstaff, Arizona (according to news reports in Arizona).

Angela claims that she and Fitzgerald had a sexual relationship and he is not denying that fact, but he is requesting that a DNA paternity test be done on the baby after it is born. See the court docs here.

Nazario wants child support from Fitzgerald (cha-ching!), and he states that he will provide that if he is declared the father. A source close to Nazario revealed that Larry wanted her to “hide out” in Arizona and wanted her to have an abortion. There are claims that he tried to bribe her with houses and cars but when she refused his bribes, he said that he “didn’t need this all over the news like Matt Leinart”. I don’t think Larry will be posting this news on his website. Heh heh.

More photos of Angela Nazario will be below as they become available.

Hat tip to Sportaphile for the photo of Angela…

**Thank you to one of our readers for the tip on the updated photo of Angela…**

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24 Responses to “Angela Nazario is Larry Fitzgerald’s Baby Mama! (Photos)”

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  1. 1
    JJ Says:

    Thanks so much for the link!

  2. 2
    jack k Says:

    she is a flight attendant for southwest airlines…and former girlfriend of Mike Piazza

  3. 3
    Scott Says:

    The Cardinals have a BYE week, this is just Larry spicing up the week.

  4. 4
    Nina Says:

    GOLD DIGGER!!!! HELLO!!! She is 37 and he is 24!!!! If she used to be Mike Piazza’s gf, I bet she doesn’t date anyone but athletes! Another groupie that’s going over the hill and couldn’t find an athlete to take her seriously so she just decided to get knocked up and cash in!! A last ditch effort, I bet!!

  5. 5
    nina Says:

    GOLD DIGGER!!!! Hello!!! She is 37 and he is 24!!! If she used to be Mike Piazza’s GF then I bet she doesn’t date anybody but athletes! Another over the hill groupie that cannot find an athlete to take her seriously so she just decided to get knocked up as a last ditch effort to cash in!!!

  6. 6
    nonya business Says:

    I personally know Angie and it is true she is nothing but a golddigger just like her fellow Southwest Airline Flight Attendant (aka Skywaitress) Susan. I would not be surprised if she put a hold in the condom herself or purposely stopped taking birth control.

  7. 7
    Kate Says:

    She also dated Dan Majerle for awhile…

  8. 8
    Kate Says:

    She’s not even cute.. He couldve at least knocked up a cuter looking girl!!!

  9. 9
    Jack Says:

    Angie is not a goldigger! Why don’t you people with no life whatsoever get your facts straight. IDIOTS!!!!!!!

  10. 10
    cutie pie Says:

    why oh why dont these black men learn their lessons from oj and kobe… leave the white women alone.. they dont get them fake boobs and fake lips and fake butts for nothing. Plus they want to sex a black man and RICH ONE IS EVEN MORE LIKE HAVING THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

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