Forbes Riley: Spin Gym Creator

May 27, 2009

Meet Forbes Riley, an actress, infomercial host and creator of the Spin Gym. See photos, video and read a biography of Forbes Riley here.

Forbes Riley

Forbes Riley

Forbes Riley is in the news today as the charming infomercial host revealed her own invention, the SpinGym, on the Discovery Channel’s show, Pitchmen.

She said:

“It was a thrill to be part of Discovery’s PITCHMEN, as infomercials is gain recognition as a viable way to market new products. My dad was an inventor who could never get his products to market, and though he’s been gone for almost 9 years, I think he’s smiling down as I launch my very first one. SpinGym is turning out to be an inspiration for so many people who have been frustrated with saggy upper arms. I’m often asked how I stay in shape as a busy working mom – and my philosophy has always been ‘do what you can, when you can” – so taking the stairs instead of the elevator, passing on the bread at dinner, but now with SpinGym in your pocket – you really can get a quick effective workout in, anytime, anywhere.”

The product itself weighs less than a pound, and offers up to 20 pounds of resistance with every pull. You can see how the SpinGym works in the video beow.

Forbes Riley Biography

As a biography, Forbes Riley was born on April 25, 1960, in Brooklyn, New York, so her age is 49. Wow, she looks incredible for being 49 years old! She grew up in Long Island, New York, and at the age of 16 she became Miss Teenage New York. She went on to represent the state in the Miss Teenage America pageant.

Riley has beauty and brains, having skipped an entire grade while in high school. She went on to attend the University of Rochester, and graduated in three short years with double degrees in Political Science and Film Studies.

After graduating from the University of Rochester, she responded to an ad in the New York film trade paper, Dramalogue, and ended up with the lead role in the low budget film, Splatter University, released in 1984.

Riley is widely known as the infomercial host for the Jack LaLane Power Juicer. She has appeared in numerous infomercials, hawking products such as the “MaxiGlide” hair straightener, Tony Horton’s “Power 90″ fitness program and the “QuietClean” air purifier, just to name a few.

Currently you can see Riley promoting her own product, the SpinGym.

You can see more photos and video of Forbes Riley and the Spin Gym below.

Forbes Riley Forbes Riley Forbes Riley
Forbes Riley Pictures

Forbes Riley Spin Gym Video

Photos: Halkidis

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5 Responses to “Forbes Riley: Spin Gym Creator”

  1. 1
    lyndsy Says:

    Love this product — amazing for the arms — you will be amazed, I was — it looks like a toy — but wow….
    its funny i thought of all the toys i do use to exercise from my trampoline to the jump rope — and now this — just brilliant — she is going to sell millions of these!!!

    LOVE to see people who succeed with simple ideas….

  2. 2
    barb tate Says:

    what a bunch of baloney!
    This IS a toy, and she didn’t invent it. My father showed me this with string and a button 40 years ago. She’s just DESPERATE to be on t.v. and make $. Poor thing.

  3. 3
    lyndsy Says:

    Oh barb tate…. seems you are the poor thing… and jealous oh my! Guess Billy Blanks was “desperate to be on tv” cause he didnt’ invent martial arts which was the basis for his TaeBo or the Urban Rebounder guy who marketed the trampoline (to 1000’s of gyms around the world!) he didn’t INVENT that either and yes, its a toy as well….

    didn’t your daddy also teach you, if you have nothing nice to say – don’t say anything at all….

    I am inspired by anyone who follows their passions and tries to succeed in this crazy world. And I am a huge fan of Forbes Riley.

  4. 4
    Sebagos Says:

    Lyndsay, you say this because you are Forbes Riley, and Janice, and Angie. I think you are blowing your chances with your alias comments. And the price of steel in china affecting the cost of something that is made of 100% aluminum? Ridiculous, there is no steel in aluminum. Just cut the price to $9.99 and sell millions, or keep the price at $39.99 free shipping and sell tens. Do the math

  5. 5
    Frank n Tothepoint Says:

    TaeBo and the Urban Rebounder are also over hyped fitness gimmicks with little or no worth.

    As for your comment

    “didn’t your daddy also teach you, if you have nothing nice to say – don’t say anything at all….”

    I’d say no, I was taught to speak my mind especially when I see something morally or ethically reprehensible.

    As for Forbes Riley following her passions I can only believe that that is a lust for money.
    It’s quite clear from her info-mmercial that she hasn’t the first idea about effective exercise prescription, physiology, anatomy or muscle function.
    What’s her background in fitness other then selling millions of dollars worth of largely worthless rubbish to the uninformed or gullible?
    Her brand of gushing hyperactive insincere enthusiasm is sickening.
    But hey you don’t have to know what your talking about to sell fitness gimmicks, you don’t need integrity all you need is a celebrity and a marketing strategy aimed at exploiting the uninformed and the gullible.

    I am inspired by anyone who follows their passions and tries to succeed in this crazy world. And I am a huge fan of Forbes Riley.