Erin Andrews is a HOT Sports Reporter

July 13, 2008

Meet Erin Andrews, the hot sports reporter from the sidelines. She is beautiful and she knows about sports. What else could a man ask for? See her pictures and video below.

The latest news is that Erin and Tim Tebow have been palling around. Unfortunately this is not her boyfriend, poor fellow.

Erin Andrews was born on May 4, 1978 in Maine and is a television sports reporter for ESPN since 2004. She does the network’s National Hockey League coverage, ESPN College Football Saturday telecast, the Saturday Primetime college basketball game and Big Ten college basketball coverage. She also reports from the Major League Baseball sidelines.

She has become very popular lately, even the athletes think she is hot, Erin Andrews stated that she hates it when married athletes ask her out. She also wants us to know that she is smart:

“People judge you and say, ‘She got her job because of her looks,’ but they don’t know I was up at 2 a.m. studying and reading as much as I can about the game ahead.”

Some people find her so sexy that they post photos in an article “Wake up with Erin Andrews“. I think she’s one of the hottest smartest sideline reporters in the business. The sports world needs more women like Erin Andrews.

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See her video after the jump!

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