Benita Fitzgerald-Brown Is a Retired American Athlete

May 23, 2009

Meet Benita Fitzgerald-Brown. She is a retired athlete who was just appointed the First Chief of Performance for the U.S. Track Program. Read Benita Fitzgerald-Brown’s biography below and see video after the jump.

Olympic gold medalist and American athlete Benita Fitzgerald-Brown has taken a new position as the USA Track and Field’s Chief of Performance.

“She’s got nonprofit experience, she’s got leadership experience, she’s got athlete experience, she’s got athletic managerial experience as well,” one of the sources said. “She’s someone everybody knows, but she’s not someone who owes favors to anybody either,” stated USATF chief executive Doug Logan.

Benita Fitzgerald-Brown’s main objective in her new position is to grab as many medals for the US as possible. Learn more about Fitzgerald-Brown below.

Benita Fitzgerald-Brown Biography

As a biography, Benita Fitzgerald-Brown was born on July 6, 1961 in Warrenton, Virginia. Fitzgerald-Brown attended the University of Tennessee on a full athletic scholarship. She graduated with a B.S. in industrial engineering.

During her college years, Benita successfully won four NCAA titles and three 100-meter outdoor hurdles championships. After college she made it onto the 1980 United States Olympic team and an alternate for the 1988 United States Olympic team. In 1984 Fitzgerald-Brown made it to the Summer Olympics where she won a gold medal for a performance of 12.84.

In her career, Benita has also been inducted into the Virginia High School Hall of Fame, Virginia Sports Hall of Fame, and the University of Tennessee’s Lady Volunteers Hall of Fame.

Benita Fitzgerald-Brown Video
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