Nora Tobin: FRS Energy Girl (Video)

May 22, 2009

Meet Nora Tobin, a professional beach volleyball player who is the star of a FRS Energy ad that is sweeping the web. Tobin has become an overnight celebrity because of her amazing abs. Check out the Nora Tobin FRS Energy video and read about her biography here.

Nora Tobin

Nora Tobin

Nora is featured in the ad holding a volleyball by her side. She is now being said as one of the hottest volleyball players because of her amazing body shape. Some people had speculated that she was photo-shopped, but that’s not true.

She really does have the most-desirable abs you would have imagined!

“That’s my body,” Tobin said. “I’m in the best shape of my life.”

The FRS Energy ad garnered almost six billion impressions on Internet last year and the company officials are obviously very happy with the response. The sales are said to have jumped 275% and Nora has become the new face of the drink brand, which is also endorsed by cyclist Lance Armstrong.

“She’s obviously quite attractive and we’ve had terrific response with her ad,” chief executive Maigread Eichten said. “That’s from both male and female customers.”

Nora Tobin Biography

As a biography, Nora Tobin is 26 years old and lives in Santa Barbara, California. Although, not much is known about her, she is said to be a former lifeguard and is a current AA-rated pro volleyball player.

Nora moved to the sunny beaches of California to surf and play volleyball from her hometown of San Diego. She trained with a center run by Marcus Elliott and he was the person who introduced her to the FRS Energy drink brand, after the company started giving free drinks to the amateur athletes for endorsements. The photo shown in the ad is the one that Nora herself e-mailed to the company.

Tobin has also played some professional volleyball. She participated in two AVP tour events last year and finished the season ranked 200th. She is also a member of the amateur California Beach Volleyball Association.

As of now, Nora says that she dreams of a successful career in volleyball and is searching for a partner to go forward.

Check out a video of Nora Tobin below.

Nora Tobin: FRS Energy Girl Video

Photos: Matthew Hynes

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