Corey McIntyre: Buffalo Bills Footballer

May 16, 2009

Meet Corey McIntyre, an American professional football player who plays for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL. See photos, video and a biography of Corey McIntyre here.

Corey is in the news as he was arrested on Thursday for exposing himself in public outside a woman’s house in Port St. Lucie.

The 30-year-old was “performing a sex act on himself outside the woman’s home on the morning of March 20th. The woman heard a noise and looked outside, seeing McIntyre,” stated the report.

Corey McIntyre Biography

As a biography, Corey McIntyre is 30 years of age and hails from Florida. He attended the University of West Virginia and played as a linebacker. Corey was later signed up by the Philadelphia Eagles in April 2002.

He was allocated to the Frankfurt Galaxy and played in the 2003 NFL Europa. He led his team to the World Bowl, but was subsequently released from the Eagles in September 2003. McIntyre later played for the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons before being traded to the Buffalo Bills in September 2008. His contract with the Bulls was recently renewed for two years.

Check out a video of Corey McIntyre below.

Corey McIntyre Video
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