Maria Verchenova: Hot Russian Golfer (Photos)

May 14, 2009

Meet Maria Verchenova, a HOT Russian golfer who has everyone taking notice of this brunette. Read a biography plus photos and videos below.

Maria Verchenova

Maria Vercheonva

Thanks very much to our friends over at SportsbyBrooks, who once again alerts us to another sports beauty – hot Russian golfer Maria Verchenova.

Verchenova is quickly becoming to golf what Maria Sharapova is to tennis. Verchenova said:

“I am looking at Maria, not because of the way she looks but because of the way she plays,” Verchenova explains. “I think Russian women are strong mentally. They are trying really hard and they are achieving things.”

Maria Verchenova Biography

As a biography, Maria Verchenova is 23 years of age ad hails from Moscow. Her father introduced her to the world of golf while they were on vacation in the Czech Republic. Having only three golf courses in her country did not prevent her from learning everything about the sport.

In 2008, we saw this hot Russian golfer make it to the Top 5 in Tenerife and of course go head to head with Annika Sorenstam at the Dubai Ladies Masters.

When not on the course, she loves to eat sushi and likes to watch the Ellen Degeneres show.

Want to see some sexy photos of Maria Verchenova? Check them out here and here.

See much more of Maria Verchenova below.

Maria Verchenova Maria Verchenova
Maria Verchenova Pictures

Maria Verchenova Video
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