Marsha Waggoner Is a Professional Poker Player

May 13, 2009

Meet Marsha Waggoner. She’s a professional poker player. Read Marsha Waggoner’s biography below and see video with photos after the jump.

Marsha Waggoner 1
Marsha Waggoner

Marsha Waggoner is a professional poker player who has made quite a living playing cards. Waggoner has also been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. She has been nicknamed “The Grand Dame of Poker.” Learn more about Marsha Waggoner below.

Marsha Waggoner Biography

As a biography, 61-year-old Marsha Waggoner hails from Australia. She lives now in Los Angeles. Waggoner began as a casino dealer in 1976 in Sydney.

In 1977 she moved to Nevada after discovering her passion for stud poker. It wasn’t until 1980 that she competed in tournament games. Her forte was Texas Hold’em and Seven card stud.

She made her way to California in 1987 where she continued to excel at her craft, playing professionally. She has competed in the 2003 National Championship of Poker and the Third Annual World Poker Tour.

So far Marsha Waggoner has won over $800,000 in tournaments. She is divorced from Kenna James. She is the mother of three kids.

More photos and a video of Marsha Waggoner are below.

Marsha Waggoner 2
Marsha Waggoner Photos

Marsha Waggoner Video


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