Adar Wellington Is a Former New Jersey Nets Dancer

May 11, 2009

Meet Adar Wellington. She is a former New Jersey Nets Dancer and model. Read Adar Wellington’s biography and see video after the jump.

Adar Wellington is a sexy dancer who performed for the New Jersey Nets from 2005-2008. She is also a model and up and coming entertainer. Read Adar Wellington’s biography below and see video after the jump.

Adar Wellington Biography

As a biography, Adar Wellington was born on November 24, 1981 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Wellington is a model and former New Jersey Nets Dancer. A Sagittarius, Adar is a graduate of Rutgers University. While there, the sexy dancer was a member of the school’s dance team.

Adar is currently studying at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. She has already been seen performing alongside Fergie and Elton John at Fashion Rocks, touring with singer Rihanna, taking part in the 2004 Ashanti tour and the BET Awards.

More photos and a video of Adar Wellington are below.

Adar Wellington Video
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