Sexy Cheerleaders

October 25, 2007

Here you can see some of the most sexy cheerleaders from the US. We love to entertain you! See the best pictures and video below.

We all know that cheerleaders have often been stereotyped as blond beauties that don’t have any brains, but what would the world of sport be without those stunning sexy cheerleaders ? A lot of people don’t realize all the hard work and dedication that is involved with this sport. It was also argued that cheerleading could be considered as a sport. A cheerleader commented on this fact:

Yes, cheerleaders are sexy, but it takes much more then that. We have flying, which has a high risk of death if not done properly. We also have gymnastics. Have some of you people bothered to take the time and watch a cheerleading competition on TV? They are pretty amazing to watch. If all this means that cheerleading still isn’t a sport, then how does throwing a baseball or football around make that a sport? Because they have referees and umpires?

It involves many hours of learning the cheers and the routines. Many of the moves are difficult as well as dangerous, yet these sexy cheerleaders go out there and give it their all so everyone can be entertained by them.

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