Toledo Scandal: Point Shaving

May 7, 2009

The University of Toledo was involved in yet another scandal when at least six basketball and football players were charged in a point-shaving scheme that occurred between 2004 and 2006. The Toledo players apparently took part in the fixing scheme when they gave information to two Detroit-area businessmen to place wagers.

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The businessmen charged with the scandal include Ghazi Manni, 52, and Mitchell Karam, 76. they placed more than $400,000 on Toledo basketball games which were fixed.

“Today’s charges shine a light into the dark corner of illegal sports book-making and reveal the unfortunate consequences that the influence of money from betting can have on the integrity of both athletes and athletic contests,” said U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg said as he announced the charges.

The Toledo athletes involved include point guard Keith Triplett, forward Anton Currie, guard Kashif Payne, and running backs Adam Cuomo, Harvey McDougle, and Quinton Broussard. Apparently, the tow businessmen gave them money to produce the outcome of the games in their favor.

The charges were placed on the statements of Sammie Villegas, a former Toledo athlete who is cooperating with the authorities.

Villegas, who grew up in Puerto Rico, was charged in June with shaving points and paying another to help. He was the MAC freshman of the year in 2003 but his career fell apart and he played sparingly in his senior season.

The scandal saw players performing way above and below their career averages and the Rockets playing the games according to the calls placed by the businessmen.

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