Anastasia Myskina: TV Star (Photos)

May 5, 2009

Russian tennis sensation Anastasia Myskina has now become a TV star. Myskina, who is currently not playing professional tennis due to an injury, has opted to work for a national television network, NTV, in the meanwhile.

Anastasia Myskina

“Anastasia is quite happy with the way things are right now,” her former coach Jens Gerlach informed TOI. “She had a baby boy last year and is currently working for a television station.”

Myskina has lived one of the most beautiful moments of her life in the past one and a half years. She gave birth to a child and has been doing well since then. Her comeback, although not sure at present, is already being compared to that of Lindsay Davenport, who also returned as a mother on the tennis courts.

Now that the beautiful lady is on the road to become a TV figure… I wonder when would she be returning to the court, if indeed that’s a possibility. She suffered a toe injury in the later half of 2007 and has been out since then.

“She has been well accepted in her TV work,” Gerlach said about Myskina.

Anastasia, who is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful professional tennis players in the world, has been part of an era of Russian tennis when almost everyone just watched from the sidelines as the women ruled the court. She, in fact, pioneered the revolution by winning the 2004 French Open.

You can read more about her biography here.

We wish Myskina a successful TV career and hope that she makes a good comeback into the professional tennis world.


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