Victoria Beckham’s Fake Boob Interview

October 25, 2007

We all know that Victoria Beckham‘s Boobs are fake. After all, boobs don’t grow alone and no bra in the world could achieve a lift like that! On Chris Moyles show, she was questioned over and over about this fact. Read the Interview below.

Chris Moyles really wanted to hear from Victoria Beckham that her boobs are fake when she was on his Radio 1 breakfast show. He questioned her over and over and just wouldn’t let go the subject of her boobs.


“Everybody knows they’re fake, Victoria – just admit it. “We don’t have a problem with them; seriously, you go jogging without a bra and they don’t move.”

A shocked Vic could only reply: “Oh shut up – I never go jogging.”

Chris carried on the questioning: “I think the surgeon did a great job.

“I think that you should be really proud of them.

“I bet David really loves them.

“It’s like a big Christmas present early.”

Victoria Beckham didn’t really deny it and stated David really does love her boobs and that they are 2 big Christmas presents early.

Chris: “Don’t go crazy, though, and keep getting them done and done and done, because you’ll end up looking like Dolly Parton or something.”

I’m pretty sure that Victoria Beckham regretted right then and there that she went on Chris Moyle’s show, after all she was only there to promote the Spice girls upcoming tour. Her last words were:

“Oh be quiet. Of course I’m not going to.”

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    i wamt to sex with victoria.