Rachele Fico: Perfect Game Girl LSU Bound

May 2, 2009

Meet Rachele Fico, an American high school softball player who currently holds the record for the most number of perfect games. Fico is currently one of the best female softball players in the country and will go to Louisiana State University on a scholarship. See a video and a biography of Rachele Fico here.

Rachele recently pitched her 21st perfect game for Masuk High School in Monroe, Connecticut, a record overwhelming in any respect of the game. I wonder what all those batters must be thinking! No chance at all.

“I tried not to think about it,” Fico said. “I just went out there focusing on one pitch at a time. There was a lot of talk before the game, but I just ignored it.”

The amazing performance also set the national record for most number of perfect games in the run, a feat previously held by Californian Marissa Marzan.

“I treated the last batter like I treat any other batter,” she said. “My mentality didn’t change from the first pitch to the last pitch.”

As a biography, Rachele Fico was born on June 17, 1991 in Derby so her age is 19. She has been fabulous for her team, Masuk High School, who went as the state’s top-rated team with a record of 27-0. The batters had a hard time with the average being just .036 and she walking away with an ERA of .006.

Fico was named to the CHSCA and Courant All-State teams thrice and was named as the Gatorade State Player Of The Year. She holds a career record of 90-2 with 1,547 career strikeouts, 78 shutouts and 41 no-hitters.

She has already made a commitment to LSU, who went for 44-18 this year and were placed 19th in the USA Today poll.

“She’s throwing in Connecticut, which isn’t exactly known as the national hotbed of softball,” said LSU coach Yvette Girouard. “But I don’t care what level you’re participating in, the mark she’s setting – you just kind of shake your head and scratch it.

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