Kathy Flores Is US National Team Coach

April 29, 2009

Meet Kathy Flores. She’s the head coach of the Women’s US National Team and a former Rugby star herself. Read Kathy Flores’ biography below and see video after the jump.

Kathy Flores is the coach of the Women’s US National Team. Flores began back in 2003. Read her bio below.

Kathy Flores Biography

As a biography Kathy Flores was born in February 7, 1955 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Flores attended Monmouth High School in New Jersey. During her high school years the former Rugby star was involved in basketball, track and field hockey.

Flores went on to attend the East Stroudberg University after earning her B.S. in physical education. She graduated in 1977. A year later Kathy Flores became involved in a Master’s Program at Florida State University where she became involved in Rugby making her way to four National Championships.

In 1986 she toured with the 1st unofficial U.S. national team titled the Wivern. In 1994 Flores began playing for the Berkeley All Blues. Four years later she retired from the game. Kathy Flores currently is the Head Coach of the US Women’s National Team.

More photos and a video of Kathy Flores are below.

Kathy Flores Video
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