Michelle Damon is Johnny’s Wife

October 22, 2007

Meet Michelle Damon, she is currently married to Major League Baseball player Johnny Damon. See her pictures below.

Michelle Damon or former Michelle Mangan has a bad reputation, before she married Johnny Damon, she showed off the size of her yellow diamond (8 carats), in the baseball players wife section at a game and had a alleged spat with Shonda Schilling about the allegations that she broke up Damon’s first marriage.

There were also rumors about Michelle Damon being a former stripper. I’m saying if it looks like a stripper, acts like a stripper and talks like a stripper – it must be a stripper…

Michelle and Damon are pursuing a retraction by the newspaper that first reported it. ”That made me mad, and Johnny was pretty upset about it. He has so many young fans. For them to see that . . . If it were true, I wouldn’t care. I’d say it.”

Michelle Damon is a girl from Missouri and is afraid of having children.

”I’m scared, but he’s been telling the whole world he’s planning on knocking me up in February; that’s the term he uses,” she says. ”That’s the time of year he wants because it would be born in the off-season and he definitely wants to be there and be part of it.

”I’m chicken. I’m scared about it changing your life. I can pick up and go anywhere now.” She pauses. ”And then there’s the pain involved.” So does she or doesn’t she want a baby? ”Just one would be fine. But I wouldn’t be terribly upset if it didn’t happen.”

Oh well, I guess she has overcome her fear, on January 4th, 2007, Michelle Damon gave birth to Damon’s third child and her first, Devon Rose a baby girl, in Orlando, Florida.

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