Herb Sendek is Arizona State University Coach

April 28, 2009

Meet Herb Sendek. He is the basketball coach at Arizona State University. Read Herb Sendek’s biography and see video after the jump.

Herb Sendek is Arizona State University’s basketball coach. Sendek has been successful as both a coach and player on the court. Read his bio below.

Herb Sendek Biography

As a biography Herb J. Sendek was born on February 22, 1963 in Pittsburgh, Pa. Sendek attended Penn Hills High School graduating the class valedictorian in 1981. While there he played basketball and was the team captain.

After his high school years Sendek attended Carnegie Mellon University and played basketball while maintaining a 3.95 gpa. In 1984 he became the Assistant coach for Central Catholic High School. Soon after he moved on to work as an Assistant coach at both Providence College and University of Kentucky.

Finally in 1993 Sendek became the head coach at Miami University winningMAC and Ohio Coach of the Year only 12months later. In 2004 he also won ACC Coach of the Year.

Herb Sendek is currently the Head coach of Arizona State University.

More photos and a video of Herb Sendek are below.

Herb Sendek Video
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