Sara Ure, Sara Robinson: Hard Rock Casino Babe Wins the Jackpot

April 28, 2009

Meet Sara Ure Robinson, the 28 year old casino worker who was allegedly humiliated by former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman. See her known biography and a special video here along with photos of you-know-who getting friendly-like with women.

Sara Ure Robinson lawsuit

Sara Ure / Sara Robinson

Rodman was forced by a judge to pay precisely $225,000 for manhandling Sara Ure on the dance floor of the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. She worked as a beverage manager at the time when the incident occurred in March 2006. The picture above is not her.

She filed a lawsuit in 2007 under her maiden name “Sara Robinson” claiming that he humiliated her in front of customers and her own staff, by imprisoning her on the dance floor against her will and slapping her adorable ass. She now goes by her married name “Sara Ure.”

The details are scandalous. The suit claimed “as Sara Robinson stepped around the bar, Rodman grabbed her, pulled her towards him and rubbed his body against hers. Robinson tried to get free from Rodman’s grasp at which time he assaulted her by reaching down and slapping her open-handed on the bottom.”

The ex-NBA star reportedly failed to respond to the court or bother to show up for the case, so he lost be default. Sara Ure Robinson will collect a handsome jackpot courtesy of U.S. District Judge Robert Jones who entered the default judgment for her naughty case after only five minutes of deliberation.

Perhaps helping his expediency was the knowledge that the basketball naughty boy was sued four times in 1998 for allegedly squeezing the boobs of cocktail waitresses in another Las Vegas casino, the Las Vegas Hilton. Wow.

Sara Ure was represented by crack attorney Kathleen England, who uttered these poignant words upon her important legal (and moral) victory:

“Hopefully, it will send a message to Dennis Rodman. You can’t come here and assault people without economic consequences. [But] I don’t know — does Dennis Rodman get messages?”

As a biography, all we know is Sara Ure Robinson is 28 years old and the former beverage manager for the Hard Rock Cafe Casino in Las Vegas who now has a fat bank account. She worked inside the Cuba Libre lounge at the casino where Rodman caused a scene that night. We have been unable to locate a Myspace of Facebook page for her, so tell us what you know in the comments.

Sara Ure Robinson lawsuitSara Ure Robinson lawsuitSara Ure Robinson lawsuit

This video by a talented woman performer named Sara Robinson is probably (at least we hope) not the same girl, but it is well worth a listen.

Sara Robinson (Video)
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