Tanya Young Williams is Jayson Williams Wife

April 27, 2009

Meet Tanya Young Williams, former NBA player Jayson Williams wife. See photos, video and read a biography of Tanya here.

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Tanya Young Williams is the wife of Jayson Williams

Tanya Young Williams is in the news today, as the estranged wife of retired NBA player Jayson Williams, rushed to his side at St. Vincent’s Hospital after he reportedly became suicidal. Tanya Young Williams, who filed for divorce from Williams earlier this year, claims in the lawsuit that Williams had been physically and emotionally abusive, abandoned the family, committed adultery and abused substances. Ironically, she also mentioned that he had previously faked a suicide attempt.

Tanya is seeking sole custody of their two children, spousal support, their home in New York and a portion of Jayson’s assets.

Tanya Young Williams Biography

As a biography, there is scant information about Tanya Young Williams. It is unclear when Tanya (an attorney) and Jayson married, and Tanya is his second wife. Together they have two children, Tryumph, who is 6, and Whizdom, who is 4.

You can see photos of Tanya Young Williams, wife of Jayson Williams, here. Video after the jump.

Tanya Young Williams – Video
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