How Do You Like These Ballgirls?

October 20, 2007

Do you think we’ll see any of these ballgirls at the U.S. Open next year? And just where did they find these girls? They trained some Hugo Boss models to work as ballgirls during the Madrid Masters in Spain.

The women were all dressed in pink and blue outfits with Hugo Boss (clothing sponsor of the event) imprinted across their chests. It is these girls that draw the crowds to the tournament, not the tennis itself. (No surprise there.) The Spanish politicians have objected to these ballgirls in the past, believing that it is “sexist”. Back in 2004, even Andre Agassi thought that using the models as ballgirls was not the way to promote tennis. Organizers of the event have said that most people react positively and it brings a new audience to the tournament.

What do you think of these ballgirls? Would you let these girls go and grab your balls? Heh heh.

More photos of the Hugo Boss ballgirls below.

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