Heather Burge: Twin Basketball Player

April 26, 2009

Meet Heather Burge, a former WNBA basketball player for the Sacramento Monarchs. She is also the twin sister of Heidi Burge. See photos, video and read a biography of Heather Burge below.

Heather Burge

Heather Burge

Heather Burge, along with her twin sister, Heidi Burge, were the inspiration for the 2002 Disney Channel original movie, Double Teamed.

Heather Burge Biography

As a biography, Heather Burge was born on November 11, 1971 in Fairfax, Cailfornia. She is 37 years of age. She has a twin sister, Heidi Burge. Heather atended Palos Verdes High School and was a member of the basketball team. She went on to play basketball for the University of Virginia. See a photo of them here. After graduation from the university, Heather played professionally in the European leagues (France, Italy, Hungary and Greece) and later played for the Sacramento Monarchs of the WNBA.

Heather and Heidi held the record for tallest female twins (at 6 feet 5 inches tall) before Ann and Claire Reicht broke their record.

Heather started playing basketball purely by accident. Her first love was volleyball. Just like her sister, Heather had to retire from professional basketball due to injuries. She currently lives in Southern California is a teacher.

See photos and video of Heather Burge below.

Heather Burge
Heather Burge Picture

Heather Burge Video
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