Car Show Girls (Pit Babes)

October 18, 2007

Here you can see some of the hottest and most sexy car show girls, also called pit babes, from around the world. We have selected the best pictures for you below!

Hot pictures
from NASCAR and F1 Car Show Girls. Car racing isn’t half the fun if we wouldn’t have the pit babes
in the pit lane. Before every car race, the girls can put on their show and show all the men what they got. Some of the ladies just get a kick out of it, other pit babes dream to be the girlfriend or future wife of a NASCAR or F1 driver.

In 2005, the rich Russian Alex Shnaider bought the Jordan Grand Prix from Eddie Jordan. Shortly after the sale, the tabloids spread the rumor that the new owner was going to get rid of all the pit babes and car show girls. Luckily, this is not the case yet and we have saved the best pictures for you.

The off-track car show girls attractions are proved to be as watchable as the racing itself. The presence of the pit babes at the pit lanes brings cheer to the spectators and media alike…

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