Madden 2010 Cover

April 24, 2009

Popular football game Madden NFL 2010 will be featuring Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu on this year’s cover. The developing company Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that the 2010 edition of Madden NFL will feature two athletes on its cover this time.

Larry Fitzgerald 1

This is the first time two athletes have been chosen to grace the cover of the hugely popular game, named after Pro Football Hall of Famer John Madden.

The shared cover of “Madden NFL 10,” which arrives in stores Aug. 14, has something for everyone: Polamalu is a defensive AFC player and Fitzgerald an offensive NFC player.

Both the players were involved in leading performances from the teams which played in this year’s Super Bowl. Although the Steelers won the hard-fought game 27-23, Larry was praised for his offensive work on the field.

Speculations ran high on the minds of football fans, before the 2010 cover was released, with the producers of the game announcing a list of the probables before the show. The early four contestants included Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Ravens free safety Ed Reed, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

Many people had expected Roethlisberger to grace the cover as he had won Super Bowl rings and was regarded as the great comeback player with a highly successful post-season behind his back. Ed Reed too had a hell of a season and was a great contestant.

Madden NFL 2010
is sure to have a good run in the stores when it arrives this August, as it’s the most popular sports video game to date, with almost 65 million copies sold.

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