Danny MacAskill: Inspired Bicycles Rider (Video)

April 23, 2009

Meet Danny MacAskill, a stunt cyclist from Scotland whose mini-film Inspired Bicycles is currently one of the most-viewed videos on Youtube and has already clocked more that half-a-million views in 40 hours, making MacAskill the latest Youtube celebrity. Check out the Danny MacAskill video below.

In the Inspired Bicycles video, MacAskill rides around his Edinburgh, Scottland and shows cool tricks with his cycle. Professional stunt bikers around the world were left amazed by the talent that Danny has and he has instantly become a celebrity in the street trials cycling world.

“My mum used to get pretty sick of the police always being at the door with me because I used to jump onto people’s walls with my bike and a couple of times I was sent to a children’s panel. I achieved most of my goals doing this video with the spiky railing taking eight hours of attempts to get it right.

“I get nervous sometimes but for example when I jumped off the National Gallery front entrance I had to do it quickly so that people wouldn’t start gathering to watch so I didn’t have time to think.”

Danny has sure raised the bar in the street cycling world. The fine and a half minute video is certainly a masterpiece and was shot by his flatmate Dave Sowerby.

Read more plus see video of Danny MacAskill below.

As a biography, Danny MacAskill is 23-years old and has been practicing the stunts after moving into the capital city three years ago. He was a mechanic at the Edinburgh based MacDonald Cycles and has since left the job to pursue his career in stunt cycling.

MacAskill has also formed a five-member gang, The Clan, to ride full-time and participate in the competitions. he will also be taking part in the Mountain Bike World Cup in Fort William this June.

Team manager Iain Withers said: “Danny is world-class. It’s awesome to see that kind of talent come out of Scotland.”

This is not the first time Danny has showcased his talent on the video site. He previously made his debut film ‘Mountain Bike Trickster‘ in 2006 and posted it on Youtube. The video attracted over three million views.

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