Carlie Beck Playboy Photos (Carlie Christine)

April 20, 2009

Meet Carlie Beck, the Playboy cheerleader coach who was fired for being naughty away from school. See her photos, biography and a Today Show video of the hot cheerleader coach turned Playboy model turned out on the street.

Carlie Beck

Carlie Beck

Everyone wants to see Carlie Beck nude. She posed for Playboy under the pseudonym of Carlie Christine. She was the Cyber Girl of the Week in February 2009.

One of her cheerleaders, Adelle Geniella, got cut from the cheerleader squad at Casa Robles High School in Orangeville California. Instead of getting on with her homwork, this is when all the trouble started. She apparently took her mom to the principals office virtually armed with Carlie Beck playboy photos which got her coach fired. Carlie Christine nude looked suspiciously like his fully clothed cheerleader coach.

This apparent act of self-preservation has landed the young Adelle a heap of cheerleader scorn. The other game gals on the Casa Robles High School team want their nude cheerleader coach back. You can see the video and make up your own mind.

Carlie says that she is currently exploring legal options for her firing, but her body will ensure employment in a variety of capacities.

Pertinent Carlie Beck biography and vital statistics:

Height: 5’2″ tall.
Weight: 105 pounds.
Hair: brown.
Eye Color: hazel.
Show size: 6
Breasts: 34D
Squeeze: 24
Ass: 34.
Birthday: May 28th 1988.
Age: 20.
Hometown: Sacramento California.

Tattoos: four of them including a big one on the riding side of the bed, right in the money area in the small of her sexy back.

Biography – curriculum vitae highlight:

— “Miss Scene Girl” November 2008.
— Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week: Week 2, February 2009.

See more pictures of Carlie Beck after the jump.

Carlie BeckCarlie BeckCarlie Beck
Carlie Beck Photos

Carlie Beck Video
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4 Responses to “Carlie Beck Playboy Photos (Carlie Christine)”

  1. 1
    CISCO Says:

    These parents are full of themselves , their spoiled a**ed daughter got kicked off, and their back stabbing A**es reported the the teach, had nothing to do with timing first they need to learn how not to stutter when they are lying their a**es off. get a life apperantly she was an excellent teach before the pics so what makes her so horrorible know, another example of no class americans, shameful to all of us they should be the ones expelled from their community.

  2. 2
    Sohlman Says:

    There is a double standard, her daughter is a child and the coach is an adult. Deal with it.

  3. 3
    Daniel Says:

    She should sue the school for firing her. She has the right to show her body. She was doing her job as a teacher/coach by kicking the student off the sqaud. As long as she wasn’t wearing the schools’ uniform posing nude or posing nude with a student, she should have that RIGHT period!!! On the parents saying that the students shouldn’t pose inappropriate in photos online or what have you, that part is corect because they are underage, but any adult should be allowed to express their selves in anyway. I don’t know if she will want her job back, but I do believe she deserves it back.

  4. 4
    DD Says:

    Here is a question how did they find her in a magazine? Must be a subscriber?