Salina Kosgei: Boston Marathon Winner (Photos, Video)

April 20, 2009

Meet Salina Kosgei, the winner of the 2009 Boston Marathon women’s race. See her photos, biography and Boston Marathon video here as we celebrate her fine achievement in women’s sports.

Salina Kosgei

Salina Kosgei

Her wining time of 2:32.16 hours was only one second ahead of Dire Tune from Ethiopia, marking the finish one of the most exciting and closest races in marathon history. The second place finisher collapsed at the finish line and was removed on a stretcher for precautionary reasons.

Still it was considered a slow race. For a time the marathon was led by American hottie Kara Goucher for most of the race but she was finally passed with less than a mile to go and faded the last two hundred meters.

Ms. Kosgei hails from Kenya, which is either the largest country in the world or they have some terrific runners. The Kenyan chicks and dudes always win, do they not?

As a biography Salina Jebet Kosge was born November 16th, 1976 in Simotwo Kenya, so she is 32 years old. Why is it that marathon runners seem to peak in their 30s? Young things don’t seem to win those distance races like the Boston Marathon.

In fact she was a gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games in 2002 for the 100 meter dash when she was 25 years old. She was also a heptathlete earlier in her career. Now a seasoned veteran, Salina Kosgei made the switch to distance running some years ago. In a recent interview, she described the switch:

I was actually around 27 when I switched to marathon. And this is normally a good time/age since your body has had the chance to mature and to take advantage of all the years of endless miles in training. The transition for a 10,000-meter runner is normally not too difficult as it means just adding on more long runs and more mileage, but it has to be done with intelligence since if you increase your training too suddenly you can be prone to injury.

She finished 10th in the 2008 Summer Olympics so nobody expected her great victory today. But she has had great prior success. She finished first in the Paris Marathon, Prague International Marathon, and Singapore Marathon, as well as several half-marathons in various strange and wondrous places around the world. In a recent interview, she said that

Salina Kosgei’s husband is Barnabus Kinyor, a world-class Olympic high-hurdler back in the day. They have two children, a son Billy born in 1996, and a daugter Ruth who was born in 2001. When she isn’t running in marathons all over the globe, Kosgei is employed as a guard in Kenyan prisons.

See more pictures of Salina Kosgei and a video below.

Salina Kosgei
Salina Kosgei Photos

Salina Kosgei Video

Photo: George Roberts

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