Joey Porter – Levi Jones Fight (VIDEO)

October 14, 2007

Here is the video of NFL players Joey Porter and Levi Jones fighting in a Las Vegas casino. The video tape shows that this was much more than two NFL players brawling.

Porter-Jones brawl video
Porter-Jones brawl video

Joey Porter was among four individuals who (allegedly) assaulted Levi Jones from behind at a blackjack table. He appears to be directing the attack on Jones. Porter is a Miami Dolphins linebacker while Jones is a Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle. The two have talked trash on the field for years.

At the time of the fight in Las Vegas, Jones claimed he was attacked by a group of men led by Porter. At that time, all we had was one man’s word against the other. The tape shows the real story. Jones is telling the truth.

Porter has already been suspended for three games by the NFL, but the revelation of this video could lead to a stiffer penalty. It appears that a crime may have been committed.

A lawsuit may be next. Like most NFL players, Levi Jones does not want to hint around about lawsuits. It is generally considered bad for your career in the good old boy NFL owners’ network. Still, he has retained a lawyer and is reserving all options just as he should.

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