Josh Beckett Suspended

April 14, 2009

Red Sox pitcher, Josh Beckett, has been suspended after the events of this past Sunday’s game! A ball to Bobby Abreu’s head will cost Beckett a six game suspension. Read more on Josh Beckett’s suspension below with video and photos after the jump.

Josh Beckett 1
Josh Beckett

Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett will be sitting out for the next six games! In the aftermath of Sunday’s game against the Angels the major leaguer has been reprimanded for throwing a ball at outfielder Bobby Abreu’s head. The action didn’t stop there either!

Beckett proceeded towards Abreu in an angry outburst! The incident will also cost the pitcher an undisclosed fine enforced by Major League Baseball authorities. Following the announcement of the MLB’s decision today Angels Manager Mike Scioscia stated:

“It makes us feel good that MLB supported our position, especially since we were somehow painted as the aggressors. Upon reflection, MLB understood that Beckett’s actions led to the dugouts emptying.”

The Angels have also been served with a punishment for the arguement. The team’s hitting coach, Mickey Hatcher, has been suspended for one game. Hatcher was also handed an undisclosed fine as well as Angel’s Scioscia, Torii Hunter and reliever Justin Speier.

“I made one comment to their pitching coach and he said something to Mike, like he didn’t throw at his head, and I said, ‘That’s bull, that guy’s got more control than any pitcher in baseball.”

“That’s when [crew chief] Joe West walked up and said, ‘You’re outta here, you’re too aggressive,’ and threw me out of the game. No reason whatsoever. Then he starts pointing at our guys and ringing them up,” stated Hatcher.

Although he was not taken out of the game Josh Beckett did make a statement in his defense – “I’ve never hit anybody in the head, and it’s not really on my list of stuff to accomplish. But people can think what they want to think. I know Bobby Abreu. He knows I’m not trying to hit him in the head.”

Check out the video of the Red Sox/Angels feud after the jump.

More photos and a video of Josh Beckett are below.

Josh Beckett Video
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