Charlaine Vivian Stringer Is Womens Basketball Coach

April 8, 2009

C. Vivian Stringer, the women’s basketball coach of Rutgers University, has been accepted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Find out more below and read Charlaine Vivian Stringer’s biography below with video to follow.

C Vivian Stringer
Charlaine Stringer

Woman’s basketball coach, Charlaine Vivian Stringer, has been elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Stringer is the head coach of the women’s basketballl team at Rutger’s University. She has been coaching since 1995.

Upon receiving the prestigious honor Charlaine Stringer stated:

If you think about it too long, you’re going to pass out. It’s extremely difficult. My knees are weak.”

Read Charlaine Vivian Stringer’s biography below and see video after the jump.

Charlaine Stringer Biography

As a biography Charlaine Vivian Stringer was born on March 16, 1948. Holding the best records in the history of woman basketball and is currently the head coach of Rutger’s University.

Stringer was raised in Edinboro, Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. Once out of college Stringer began coaching at the Cheyney State College in 1972. During her days at Cheyney the woman’s basketball coach successfully carved a spot in history by getting the NCAA’s to sponsor their very first national championship.

After eleven seasons at Cheyney the coach took a job at the University of Iowa. After only a short time Stringer brought the Iowa women’s team to the forefront. They made it to the 1993 Final Four, an accomplishment that made Stringer the first coach in history to lead two different schools to the national semifinals.

In 1995 Stringer moved on to Rutgers University. During the last fourteen years she has helped score the Big East title and get into the NCAA Tournament’s Final Four. Charlaine Vivian Stringer has also written a biography that hit shelves in March 2008.

More photos and a video of Charlaine Stringer are below.

Charlaine Stringer Video


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