Amy Acuff is a Hot High Jumper

October 9, 2007

Meet Amy Acuff, the sexy high jumper from Texas. See her biography, video and photos here!

Amy Acuff was born July 14, 1975 in Port Arthur, Texas. Amy Acuff’s high jumping career started when she was 5 years old in the summer of 1980, when she could be found at the track stadium competing in A.A.U. sprint races in 50, 100, and 200 meter races. You can see more photos of Amy here

Amy was first introduced to high jumping at a middle school in Texas, she finished with an outstanding performance of 5’8-1/2″. This would have been competitive at the high school state championships.

At UCLA, Amy Acuff earned a degree in Biology of 4 years. Amy jumped 6’6″ to establish a new collegiate record. This was on her way to 4 PAC-10, 3 NCAA Indoor, and 2 NCAA Outdoor titles. Her personal best is 2.01 m, which she achieved in Switzerland, Zürich on 2003-08-15. Amy Acuff is also known for her career as a model, including multiple cover appearances such as in the Enquire, “Women of Summer: Strength & Beauty: A Portfolio of America’s 10 Sexiest Athletes��? Maxim and FHM as well as in Playboy, “The Women of the Olympics��?

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