Lance Armstrong Injury

March 25, 2009

American cyclist Lance Armstrong, who is known for winning seven Tour de France titles after recovering from advanced testicular cancer, got severely injured during the first stage of his comeback race in Spain. Armstrong fractured his collarbone in a crash that involved several other cyclists.

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Lance was rushed back to his home in USA and he now says that a major surgery will be happening soon.

“At home finally. Whew. Long coupla days. Surgery at 7am tomorrow,” he wrote, or tweeted — as sending short messages on the Web site is known — Tuesday evening from Austin, Texas, where he lives.

He was racing for Team Astana in the five-day Vuelta Ciclista a Castilla y Leon race. The crash took place just 10 miles before the end of the stage, as all the cyclists pushed harder to reach the finish line. Armstrong says that although he’s been through a lot of pain in his career… this is he first time that he’s got his collarbone injured in his 17 years of professional cycling.

“It’s pretty painful,” he said. “Just wait and see how it heals.”

“That’s cycling. It’s nobody’s fault. Crashes happen all the time.”

Lance had earlier made a comeback after being treated for cancer in 1998, and he won seven straight titles of the race, recognized by many as the world’s hardest cycling race. He then retired from the sport, only to make a comeback this year. Armstrong was also planning to take part in Giro d’Italia, one of the best races of Europe, on May 9th. But, he now says that his plan looks ‘problematic’.

Meanwhile, Lance recently expressed his grief over reality TV star Jade Goody’s death. Goody was suffering from cervical cancer and she died in her sleep on Sunday. Armstrong says that he could relate to her sufferings, as he had gone through the same stages in his life too.

Armstrong wrote: “Sad news about Jade Goody. 27 years young and a mother of two. Not right. Not right at all. Damn.”


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One Response to “Lance Armstrong Injury”

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    Carlos de Prada Says:

    I am an environmental journalist from Spain. Sorry for my bad English. Lance Armstrong wanted to run, among other things, to show that they could overcome cancer (cancer of the testicles was the one who departed from the competition). In fact, devotes much effort to that, through a foundation. I therefore think it appropriate to speak here, of cancer and how to overcome it. Armstrong cancer is particularly symbolic about it (see Because it is a cancer, a particularly clear, shows the role of toxic substances in cancer. Substances against which nothing is done. And still continue to accumulate in our bodies. It affects athletes and non athletes. Meanwhile, the dominant approach focuses on the detection and treatment. But not in the real prevention. That’s why a growing number of people sick. The world of sport, the highest expression of the strength of the strength of the human body healthy and able, should not remain motionless in this drama and should join efforts towards true prevention (repeat authenticates) of cancer in all its forms. Could not a healthy man in a sick planet. Could not a sport in a healthy planet sick.