Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders (Photos and Video)

September 12, 2007

Time to spotlight another group of hottie cheerleaders, this time the gals from the Miami Dolphins. You can see photos, video, and a biography of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders here!

miami dolphins cheerleaders
Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Biography

The Miami Dolphins had their first NFL season in 1966, which is also the same year that the cheerleaders performed on the sidelines during the home games at the Orange Bowl. Back then, they were known as the “Dolphin Dolls”. There were 125 Dolphin Dolls, and each week 48 of them were chosen to perform at the home games. The remaining Dolphin Dolls would cheer from the bleachers. The Dolphin Dolls performed until 1977.

Joe Robbie, owner of the Miami Dolphins in 1978, made some changes to the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders and they were now called “Dolphin Starbrites”. The Starbrites consisted of 30 women and performed under the direction of June Taylor.

In 1990, June Taylor retired and Kathy Morton Shashaty became the new director and choreographer for the cheerleaders. She updated the girls’ uniforms. She herself was a cheerleader for the Dolphins from 1981 to 1985.

Wayne Huizenga bought the Miami Dolphins in 1994, and made changes yet again to the image of the cheerleaders. In 1996, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Dorie Braddy, was hired to glamorize the image of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

In 2005, the cheerleaders unveiled a new look and had some leadership changes as well. Heather Phillips and Emily Newton are now directing the team, and Trisia Brown (a former Dolphins cheerleader) has now taken over as Cheerleader choreographer.

See more about the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders on their website or see way more photos of them here.

We have some photos and video of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders below.

miami cheerleader miami cheerleader1 miami cheerleader2 miami cheerleader3 miami cheerleader4 miami cheerleader5 miami cheerleader6 miami cheerleader7
Some photos of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders – Video

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