Sarah Gronert: Woman Tennis Player

March 20, 2009

Sarah Gronert, woman tennis player or not? See photos, video and a biography and find out more about the 22-year-old German who has stirred controversy because some claim she should not compete as a woman.

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Sarah Gronert is in the news today, as there is debate over the tennis player’s gender and hence her eligibility to compete as a woman is in question. As a hermaphrodite, Gronert was born with both male and female genitalia; she underwent surgery to remove the male genitalia. While this has made her both medically and legally female, it has not silenced critics who believe she has an unfair advantage.

Gronert recently beat Julia Glushko and went on to win the Raanana tournament in Israel in early March. In the aftermath, Glushko’s coach Schlomo Tzoref, was quite outspoken.

“There is no girl who can hit serves like that, not even Venus Williams…When I heard her story, I was in shock. I don’t know if it’s fair that she can compete or not. She does have an advantage, but if this is what the WTA have decided, they probably know best. If she begins to play continuously, within six months she will be within the Top 50.”

As a biography, Sarah Gronert is 22 years old. Very little is known about her and there is no Sarah Gronert Wikipedia page as it has reportedly been taken down because of user abuse. In photos she has the unquestionable and feminine appearance of a very attractive, long haired blond woman.

She reportedly considered quitting the sport at age 19 due to the intense ridicule she endured. However she persevered and underwent the surgery that made her medically and legally a woman and successfully petitioned the WTA and was permitted to compete as a woman.

She has begun to gain notoriety in Germany, where she was on the cover of the magazine “Tennis Westphalia.” In 2008 she rose in just three months from a rank of 300 to 31 in Germany and 700 in the world. Presently Sarah Gronert, woman tennis player, is ranked 619 in the world.

Here are several Sarah Gronert photos. Watch video below.

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