DeMaurice Smith Is NFLPA Director

March 16, 2009

Meet DeMaurice Smith, a Washington-based attorney who is now the executive director of the NFL Players Association. DeMaurice is an NFL outsider, but a very influential person in the corridors of law and power, thanks to his close ties with President Barack Obama. See a video and a biography of DeMaurice Smith here.


DeMaurice is a partner at the powerful Washington-based Patton Boggs law firm. He will now head the lobbying association for the sportsman which represents all the players and the union officials in the league. He was voted on the first ballot by 32 representatives from all the teams participating in the NFL and received a standing ovation on arrival.

“We’re behind our new leader and we’re ready to forge forward with a united front,” Rams offensive lineman Adam Goldberg said. “Mr. Smith is our best option of leading us into the future, and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

Smith is the fourth leader in the 41 year old history of the union. The vote was conducted at the Fairmont Kea Lani resort on the island of Maui.

He beat three other candidates for the job. They include former NFLPA presidents Troy Vincent and Trace Armstrong and sports attorney David Cornwell.

“I am proud of the player representatives and the executive committee,” Cornwell said in an e-mail sent to The Associated Press. “They handled a very difficult process with class, determination and view toward the best interests of all NFL players. Congratulations to DeMaurice Smith. He deserves all of our support. He will certainly have mine.”

The immediate issues that Smith has to take note of are reaching to an agreement with team owners, labor unions and rookie players of their salaries.

As a biography, DeMaurice Smith was born in 1963 in Washington so he is 45 years old. He attended University of Virginia School of Law and got the degree with honours in 1989.

Smith is a very respected personality in the circles of law in the Capital. He is very experienced and has been involved in over 80 federal and jury state trials. He is known for the white collar cases involving big corporations and Fortune 500 companies. His father is a former marine and mother a nurse. He has close ties with President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Smith has appeared on TV numerous times, as a guest speaker, giving his opinions about issues relating to law and corporate malpractices. Some of the shows include MSNBC’s Hardball, The Abrams Report, and shows on CNN, FOX and Court-TV.

He has been awarded many times including the awards for Best Lawyers in America, Best Lawyers in Washington, D.C., by Washington Post Magazine and the 2000 United States Attorney Generals’ Award.

Smith also sits on the Board of Directors of District of Columbia Bar Association.

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