Bernie Ecclestone-Slavica: World’s Most Expensive Divorce

March 11, 2009

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone is all set to pay the world’s most expensive divorce settlement to his wife of 24 years, Slavica Ecclestone, after a brief 58-second divorce. The settlement could amount to almost £1 billion, according to legal experts.

Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone

Judge Berry ruled that the marriage had ‘irretrievably’ broken down because of her 78-year-old husband’s “unreasonable behaviour.”

The judge held that he ‘has behaved in such a way that the petitioner cannot reasonably be expected to live with’ him.

So, Slavica will be taking home a lot, as I had speculated earlier. Most of the property owned by the racing boss is in the name of his ex-wife because of tax reasons. It includes a hotel in Switzerland and ownership of the Queens Park Rangers Champions League soccer team, apart from Alpha Prema, the holding company of Formula One racing.

She had earlier moved out of the couple’s £10m West London home.

The couple have two daughters who have a yacht and a jet named after them. Bernie met Slavica during the 1982 Italian Grand Prix and married her after two years. She is a former Armani model. For the proceedings, she hired the famous divorce lawyer Liz Vernon for her case.

Bernie didn’t care about the case and neither of them showed up during the hearing which got over in a few seconds. A private hearing will be held to discuss the settlement money.


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