Cheryl Wolfe-Ruiz is Tim Donaghy’s Girlfriend

August 27, 2007

Well, well, well…Looks like married ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy has himself a girlfriend on the side who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Coincidentally she owns a sports bar in Phoenix as well, and the buzz around Phoenix is that it’s Callahan’s Sports Bar and Grill. Cheryl Wolfe-Ruiz is a 41-year-old divorcee and mother of two who has been having dinner with Donaghy and even attended games that Donaghy has refereed in Phoenix. A source told The Post that Tim called Wolfe-Ruiz his girlfriend.

In January of this year, Donaghy went to Phoenix for a ball game and was also intending to receive money from his friend, Thomas Martino, because he provided inside information about another game that was used for gambling purposes. Over the next several days, he would dine with Wolfe-Ruiz, a gal pal of hers, and Martino. They would even go to a strip club one of those nights, a source said. Two of those nights were spent with Wolfe-Ruiz in a Marriott hotel room he had rented for her, even though the NBA already bought him a room in the hotel. Martino ended up sleeping in the room intended for Donaghy. This arrangement would occur regularly while Donaghy would ref in Phoenix.

Donaghy is quite glib about his extramarital flings, stating that “he can do whatever he wants because divorce is on the horizon”, according to a source.

Wolfe-Ruiz had agreed to do an interview with The Post, but she canceled after they sent her a list of questions regarding her relationship with Donaghy. Wolfe-Ruiz’s attorney, Robert Robinson, said that she and Donaghy “did not have a sexual relationship”. He went on to state that she has been contacted by the federal government over the last two weeks and that she has not done anything in connection to Donaghy’s gambling or his leaking confidential information to Martino. He did say that Donaghy “did provide tickets to games for her and her boyfriend. I know she went to dinner with (Donaghy) on numerous occasions. There were many times when there were other people there.”

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