Saskia Boxford is Frank Lampard Girlfriend

March 8, 2009

Here is Saskia Boxford, Frank Lampard’s girlfriend. See photos, video and a biography of the beautiful brunette socialite here.

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Chelsea and England footballer Frank Lampard recently split up with Elen Rives, his 30-year-old fiance of seven years and mother of his two daughters. He has already been seen out numerously with Saskia Boxford, his new 23-year-old girlfriend, who is the daughter of a millionaire financier.

As one of the world’s highest paid footballers, he has his pick of beautiful, eligible young women. It was reported that he had been unfaithful twice to his fiance in 2006 and in 2007 when the couple canceled their wedding because of his alleged affair with a brunette from Las Vegas. He is now dating Saskia Boxford and the couple has been seen partying out late in clubs and retiring to Boxford’s west London flat.

It is believed that Lampard split with Rives in the aftermath of his mother’s sudden death in April 2008 when the couple is believed to have drifted apart. Reportedly the amicable split turned sour as Rives abruptly moved out of the couple’s house.

Lampard appears to be moving on with his life. He has been seen numerous occasions with Saskia Boxford. The couple were spotted at the Kensington restaurant and seen clubbing at Chelsea’s Raffles. The couple had also been seen at the Pigs Ear pub and La Famiglia restaurant before later heading to a club. With so many sightings, few doubt that Saskia Boxford is Frank Lampard’s girlfriend.

As a biography, Saskia Boxford is 23 years old. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She attended Roedean, an exclusive girls’ boarding school. She is the daughter of Michael Boxford, 66, a millionaire businessman, financier and a director of several companies, and his wife, socialite Pilar Boxford, 55.

Saskia Boxford is a former model who performed at a fashion show for children’s charity UNICEF in 2005. She now helps run Kara Ross, a fashion accessory company that does business throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Here are several photos of Saskia Boxford, Frank Lampard girlfriend. More photos and video are below.

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