Anna Benson – Hot Baseball Wife (Photos)

August 24, 2007

Anna Benson is the hottie baseball wife of Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kris Benson (now on the DL). See her photos, video, and biography here.

anna benson1

As a biography, Anna was born near Atlanta, Georgia on February 12, 1977. She moved out of her parents’ home at 16 years of age. She would marry a 19-year-old dentist in 1993 and they had a daughter named Alyssa. Their marriage would end in divorce in 1994.

Anna would meet minor league pitcher Kris Benson in 1998. They began to date in January of 1999 and married in October 1999. They have two children – P.J. and Haylee.

Anna posed for FHM magazine in November 2004 (see more pictures below) and was named baseball’s hottest wife. While her husband Kris played for the Mets, she would go on the Howard Stern show and state that she would sleep with the whole Mets’ organization if she ever found out that Kris was having an affair. Anna would file for divorce from Kris in March 2006, but quickly retracted a few days later and reconciled with him.

See a recent interview with the outspoken Anna Benson here.

More pictures of Anna Benson are below:

anna benson anna benson2 anna benson3 anna benson4 anna benson5

See much more of Anna here and here.

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