Jenna Morasca Is Hot TNA Wrestler (Photos & Video)

March 6, 2009

Meet Jenna Morasca, the winner of the TV reality show Survivor: The Amazon who has now become a professional TNA wrestler. See photos, video and a biography of Jenna Morasca here.

Jenna Morasca

Jenna will be making her debut in TNA Wrestling next Thursday on Spike TV’s TNA iMPACT. She will first start taking a crash course in fighting and then will be in the action.

“Everyone is covered in glitter and makeup and stuff and then goes and beats the crap out of each other,” says Morasca about what attracted her to wrestling. “This is perfect for me.”

Also, Jenna has declined to take a ring-name as other women wrestlers.

“I’m gonna be me because it’s more beneficial to know it’s me from Survivor,” she explains. “If I had to take a name, it would be a terrible stripper name like Candy Cane Lane.” (Naturally.) And what happens if someone puts chocolate and peanut butter in the ring? “Oh, then it’s on! Death to all!”

As a biography, Jenna Morasca was born on February 15, 1981 in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania so her age is 28. She attended University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University. She rose to fame when she appeared in the hit TV show Survivor: The Amazon.

She was the member of the Jaburu tribe in the show and was targeted by almost everyone. But, she kept her ground and then emerged as the winner of the million-dollar prize. She later appeared in the Survivor: All Stars but left the show in the middle as she felt the need to be at her mother’s side. Her mother passed away eight days later.

Jenna stripped to the minimum in her photo shoot for Playboy magazine and famously got a million dollars for the spread. She also appeared almost nude in a PETA ad with Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn, protesting against the use of fur.

Jenna is the current host of CBS’s Survivor Live, an internet talk show based on the currently running season. She has also appeared as a guest on Fear Factor and Dinner: Impossible.

Jenna Morasca 2 Jenna Morasca 3 Jenna Morasca 4


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