Doug Reinhardt Is Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend

March 6, 2009

Meet Doug Reinhardt, a professional baseball player who is currently dating socialite Paris Hilton. Reinhardt has played in the American League of MLB and is one of the hottest baseball players around. See photos, video and a biography of Doug Reinhardt here.

Doug Reinhardt

Reinhardt and Hilton have been dating each other for some weeks now. Although, Paris denies this but just recently after they partied at LA hot spot My House, they were spotted making out in the back seat of the car and Paris certainly can’t deny paparazzi pictures! Basically, there is nothing serious between the two and many people call Doug as her toyboy.

Last week, Paris went to Tokyo for some of her shows and she took Doug to accompany her over there. While the crowd present at the airport to greet the celebrity didn’t have any idea about the dude, they obviously understood his chemistry with the lady.

Doug Reinhardt? He’s just along for the ride. Of her. Come on. No one dates Paris Hilton for her personality. It’s all good, but a fact. We’re just saying.

Doug is known as the ex-boyfriend of The Hills star Amanda Bynes. The couple broke up just last month and since then he and Paris have been an item.

It has also been reported that Doug gave Paris a print of the Andy Warhol depiction of Marilyn Monroe on the Valentine’s Day. The two of them partied away all night for Hilton’s 28th birthday celebrations at her LA house.

As a biography, Doug Reinhardt is around 30 years old. He started playing baseball at the age of just four and later on was selected for a baseball scholarship at USC. But he turned it down and instead opted for Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim as their 8th pick. He later joined the Baltimore Orioles in 2007 and spent a season over there playing in the American League.

Doug currently attends Pepperdine University and is recovering from a knee injury. He also stars in the fourth season of MTV’s The Hills. He also has interests in the mobile communications business as he promotes a business enterprise called Fun Facter, which owns companies providing and distributing mobile content on various platforms.

Doug is also involved in the multi-family real estate business with Entrepreneurial Properties Corporation. You can check out his official website here.

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