Nicole Murphy is Michael Strahan’s Girlfriend

March 5, 2009

Meet Nicole Murphy, an ex-model who has been dating former Giants footballer Michael Strahan for quite some time. Murphy and Strahan called it quits recently after the guy put a tracking device in her car and she was none too happy about it. See photos, video and a biography of Nicole Murphy here.

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy

It has been reported that Nicole allegedly had been spending time with Universal Records A&R exec Demetrius Spencer. The two had been exchanging emails “professing their love for each other”. Strahan had a tracking device installed in her Range Rover, and Murphy suspected that he was checking up on her, so she took her Range Rover to the dealership, where it was discovered that the tracking device was behind the dashboard. A source revealed that there were “too many instances where he (Strahan) knew where she was”. Strahan and Murphy called it quits after that, and Nicole had put off splitting with Strahan earlier, as she says that Michael had become very close to her kids from her previous marriage to Eddie Murphy.

Spencer and Murphy have since parted ways as well.

As a biography, Nicole Murphy is a former top model and has been an actress too. She acted in the 2002 movie Personal Velocity.

She came to the limelight after her marriage with actor and comedian Eddie Murphy. The couple have five children and they broke up around three years ago. She started dating Strahan in November 2007 after they met in a charity fundraiser event.

“When I got divorced, I said never again,” Nicole Murphy told PEOPLE just 20 days ago. “But some time has passed since Eddie and I split, and I know now what I want in a man: communication and shared interests. Michael and I talk about everything, and we both love to travel, explore and laugh.”

Nicole and Strahan were supposed to take a trip to Africa this month, but I guess that might never materialize now.

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One Response to “Nicole Murphy is Michael Strahan’s Girlfriend”

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    KRAZY Says:

    I am sadden by this split. Thought they made a lovely couple. Nicole should be ashamed of herself. A 40 year old woman with five kids, hoeing around. What a bad example for your kids. The word is out now that you’re a cheater. No other man will trust her. Why let the relationship linger. Guess what? That guy you cheated with, will not trust you either. Once the lust die down, because believe me it’s not love, he will move on to the next fool. Shame, Shame, Shame.