Kyle McLaren Is Flyers Ice Hockey Player

March 4, 2009

Meet Kyle McLaren, a Canadian professional ice hockey player who is currently playing as a defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers of NHL. McLaren has just been transferred to the Flyers from the San Jose Sharks. See photos, video and a biography of Kyle McLaren here.

kyle mclaren

Kyle was traded to the Flyers in exchange for a sixth-round draft pick. He has now been assigned to the Philadelphia Phantoms of the Flyers’ American Hockey League (AHL).

As a biography, Kyle McLaren was born on June 18, 1977 in Coaldale, Alberta so his age is 31. He was the youngest player to play on the NHL roster in 1996 after being drafted by the Boston Bruins as the ninth overall pick in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft. He was named to the All-Rookie Team in 1996.

McLaren was involved in a controversy in the 2002 playoffs when he injured Montreal’s Richard Zednik in the face. The fans’ outrage led to his three-game suspension. He was subsequently traded to San Jose in the 2003 season.

He is known for being one of the best hip checks in the League. McLaren missed 6 games during the 2003 because of a major injury. Before being traded to the Flyers, he was in a three-year $7.5m contract with San Jose.

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