Boris Becker Lilly Kerssenberg Wedding

March 2, 2009

Tennis legend Boris Becker announced on German TV game show Wetten, dass…? that he will marry Dutch model Lilly Kerssenberg. See photos and video and find out more here about the wedding plans of the longtime couple.

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Quite unexpectedly to TV viewers Boris Becker not only announced his engagement to his girlfriend Lilly Kerssenberg, variously known as Sharlely Kerssenberg, he even revealed the date; June 12, 2009.

The 41-year-old Becker, a three-time Wimbledon champion, has been involved with the 32 year old Kerssenberg for four years. However, their relationship was painfully interrupted when Becker left her and was engaged for three months to Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer-Woelden, a 25-year-old jewelry designer who is also the daughter of his late manager, Axel Meyer-Woelden.

Becker alluded to this during the live TV program, Wetten, dass…? hosted by his friend, Thomas Gottschalk. (The program title translates as ‘Wanna Bet?’ or ‘You Bet’ in English.)

“We’ve been together for nearly four years and had our ups and downs. … Last summer I lost my way, but she took me back again.

He went on to acknowledge that he knew many people would not understand, and said ‘we’re only human’ and that he and Kerssenberg are happy now and want to get married.

He also revealed to viewers that he had proposed to Lilly Kerssenberg on New Year’s Eve during their skiing vacation in St. Moritz which is also where they plan to for the June 12 wedding to take place.

“My boys were there – for me it was the most natural question in the world. Our day to day life together is so intimate and normal. We have a good basis.”

He also went on to say that his 42-year-old ex-wife Barbara Becker is not only happy for the couple but that she and her 37-year-old fiancé, Arne Quinze, a Belgium artist, are coincidentally getting married on the same day.

Later on in the program, Becker literally jumped through a burning heart of fire, underscoring his passion and enthusiasm.

Below are photos and video of Boris Becker and Lilly Kerssenberg on German TV program, ‘Wetten…Das.’

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