Chantelle Houghton-Jermain Defoe Split

March 2, 2009

British glamour girl Chantelle Houghton recently dumped short-time boyfriend soccer player Jermain Defoe over the matters of cheating. Chantelle got enough of Defoe’s string of affairs and decided to call it quits by splitting with him on the phone.

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A pal said: “He’s a difficult guy to trust. She was always worrying what he was up to.”

“Chantelle has never really been sure about Jermain. He has a string of girl ‘friends’ and is always on the phone. Most genuinely are his friends. But Chantelle just wants a quiet life with a man she can trust.”

Defoe certainly has a colourful past with the list of his ex-girlfriends including Big Brother star Danielle Lloyd, Charlott Mears, hairdresser Joanne Beckham, glamour girl Sarah Giggle and ex-Big Bruv star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

Chantelle and Defoe started seeing each other since last November after her breakup with singer hubby Sam Preston after a year of disturbed marriage. She is one of the most-sought after glamour models in Britain and the brand ambassador of a leading lingerie brand. You can check out her biography and photos here.

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