Gina Carano Maxim Hotness

February 25, 2009

Sexy MMA fighter Gina Carano recently posed for Maxim magazine in a black bikini and sure would drive you crazy with her pictures in the issue. During her interview, she talks about her first fight:

Gina Carano 1

“My first MMA fight was with this girl who shouldn’t have been in the cage with me. I ground and pounded her in 39 seconds. It was a good feeling, sure, but you train your butt off for so long, then it only lasts 39 seconds? Kind of like your other first time.”

You can see all the Maxim photos here.

Meanwhile, Carano is now a figurine. A Canadian company will be making and marketing first female MMA figurines and says that Carano’s popularity for her looks more than her fighting skills will come handy in selling these female dolls.

“Gina Carano has emerged as a star, not just in MMA, but in the mainstream,” Round 5 President Damon Lau stated in today’s press release. “As the first female in the Round 5 line, we expect her figurine to be popular among the sport’s enthusiasts as well as those who have seen her on TV or in magazines.”

Sure, Carano is a complete knockout. One day you see her breaking jaws of fighters in the ring and the next she appears in top magazines and TV shows, wearing bikini or other stuff. She has been offered roles in movies and now joins the ranks of Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Tito Ortiz with her own figurine soon hitting the market.


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