Pavlik vs Rubio Video: Kelly Pavlik Wins

February 22, 2009

WBC Middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik knocked out Mexican Marco Antonio Rubio in only the ninth round to retain his crown in a fight held in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. Check out Pavlik vs Rubio fight Video below.

Kelly Pavlik

“There is no place like home,” the 26-year-old Pavlik told reporters. “It was a great way to bounce back in my hometown. It was electric. I put the loss behind me.

“I will fight anyone out there, hopefully back in the Youngstown area this summer.”

Pavlik proved to be too much to handle for Rubio right from the beginning and dominated the whole fight. His blows in the eight round were decisive and Rubio couldn’t take more than a round after that. With this win, Pavlik won a million dollars as the prize money and improved his record to 35-1, the only loss coming in last October from the hands of American Bernard Hopkins.

In another event, Miguel Cotto won the WBO welterweight championship by defeating Michael Jennings in the fifth round of the bout held at the Madison Square Garden in New York. The fight was marked with very fierce blows and chasing around.

“I studied my opponent for the first couple of rounds then I started to go to the body and then to the head,” Cotto, 28, said. “I started to let go with my punches. I hit him some good shots.”

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    Yadira Tremore Says:

    Kelly pavlik has weight problems.