Yuri Sucart is Alex Rodriguez’s Cousin

February 19, 2009

Meet Yuri Sucart, the cousin of Alex Rodriguez whom the baseball star was referring to when he said that a cousin of his injected him with ‘energy boosters’ during the recent press conference about his steroids admittance. Sucart is said to be Rodriguez’s ‘best friend, confidant and personal protector’.

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Sucart was identified by his wife Carmen Sucart, who was approached by an ESPN producer. When asked about whether her husband was the one who was referenced to by A-Rod in his news conference, she said yes.

“I told you my husband has nothing to say,” she said. “What A-Rod said at the press conference is what happened and that is all. And if you want to talk to my husband, why don’t you talk to his lawyer?”

Apparently, Yuri was not willing to talk to the media and didn’t answer any calls. His son, James, came out of the house and said that his father does not want to say anything and then asked the reporter to leave.

While, A-Rod did say that it was him (without revealing the name) who injected him with the drugs, he also pointed out that Sucart did whatever he was told to do and thought of it as being helpful to the MLB player.

As a biography, Yuri Sucart is 46 years old and has been with A-Rod for a long time. He currently lives in Miami and has lived in Seattle and Texas before, both being the site of major league where Rodriguez has played.

Although not much is known about the guy right now, Sucart was often seen with A-Rod during his games and he took care of all the things that bothered Rodriguez.

“He would talk about Alex all the time,” Sucart’s personal trainer Charles Colaw said. “It seemed like he lived his life vicariously through [Rodriguez]. But he never talked to me about drugs or any of that stuff. He was very, very careful. He would not incriminate Alex. If they got into a fight, he’d say Alex was an [expletive] but would never say what the argument was about.”

Check out Alex Rodriguez press conference video:

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